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1. MusAA in English
(Testi istituzionali/Testi Vari)
... exhibitions to preserve, support and promote the knowledge of architecture and art of Abruzzo. On 6th April 2009 Abruzzo, specifically the province of L'Aquila, was hit by a major earthquake. MUSAA acts ...
Giovedì 10 Novembre 2011
2. International Summer School 2014
...  Download the full program plus the registration form (984.76 kB) Download the Application Form (515.72 kB) Program Outline and Goals  The aim of the program is to gain knowledge ...
Domenica 18 Maggio 2014
3. International Summer School 2016
... area. The program focuses on gaining knowledge of historic architecture’s formal genesis, in its components more structured, in order to understand, interpret and act in the contemporary city. The key ...
Venerdì 10 Giugno 2016