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1. MusAA in English
(Testi istituzionali/Testi Vari)
... of: Italian Ministry for Heritage and Cultural Activities German Embassy in Rome DSSARR – Department of Science, History of Architecture, Restoration and Representation of Università degli Studi ...
Giovedì 10 Novembre 2011
2. International Summer School 2014
... a way “to give a new life” to the spaces.  The workshop will focus mainly on five specific topics:  1. History of architecture of the places and the relation between urban settlements and ...
Domenica 18 Maggio 2014
3. International Summer School 2016
... an architectural identity and to recognize the potentialities of a place for new life and functions. The workshop will focus mainly on five specific topics: History of architecture of the places ...
Venerdì 10 Giugno 2016
(News/Ultime notizie)
Bruno Taut's Antidogmatism in Turkey: The Path toward a Reconciliation between Tradition and Modernity Paola Ardizzola MusAA MuseoArchitetturaArte october, 21, 2011, friday, 12:30 kubbealti, metu ...
Giovedì 06 Ottobre 2011
... Dpt. Engineering Faculty - L’AQUILA dr. arch. Paola Ardizzola Ph.D. Architecture and Urban History Chief of MusAA – MuseoArchitetturaArte Le Corbusier, Taccuino di viaggio, 1911  ...
Venerdì 02 Marzo 2012