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1. International Summer School 2016
... an architectural identity and to recognize the potentialities of a place for new life and functions. The workshop will focus mainly on five specific topics: History of architecture of the places ...
Venerdì 10 Giugno 2016
2. International Summer School 2014
... a way “to give a new life” to the spaces.  The workshop will focus mainly on five specific topics:  1. History of architecture of the places and the relation between urban settlements and ...
Domenica 18 Maggio 2014
... Dpt. Engineering Faculty - L’AQUILA dr. arch. Paola Ardizzola Ph.D. Architecture and Urban History Chief of MusAA – MuseoArchitetturaArte Le Corbusier, Taccuino di viaggio, 1911  ...
Venerdì 02 Marzo 2012
4. MusAA in English
(Testi istituzionali/Testi Vari)
... of: Italian Ministry for Heritage and Cultural Activities German Embassy in Rome DSSARR – Department of Science, History of Architecture, Restoration and Representation of Università degli Studi ...
Giovedì 10 Novembre 2011
(News/Ultime notizie)
Bruno Taut's Antidogmatism in Turkey: The Path toward a Reconciliation between Tradition and Modernity Paola Ardizzola MusAA MuseoArchitetturaArte october, 21, 2011, friday, 12:30 kubbealti, metu ...
Giovedì 06 Ottobre 2011