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1. MusAA in English
(Testi istituzionali/Testi Vari)
What MUSAA is It is a no profit institution managed as museum/research centre for the Culture of Building which aims, through courses, workshops, creation of an architectural archive, architecture/art ...
Giovedì 10 Novembre 2011
2. International Summer School 2014
... students, by several means of investigations (including the sensory), the ability to recognize a historic building by multi-level reading, in order to define both an “architecture’s identity card” and ...
Domenica 18 Maggio 2014
3. International Summer School 2016
...  This Summer School aims to provide students by several means of investigations (including the sensory one), the ability to recognize an historic building by multi-level reading in order to re-define ...
Venerdì 10 Giugno 2016