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1. MusAA in English
(Testi istituzionali/Testi Vari)
... temporary art and architecture exhibitions. Study room. Lecture room. Photo, slide and video collection. Who comes to MUSAA Professors, researchers, students, scholars interested in ancient ...
Giovedì 10 Novembre 2011
2. International Summer School 2014
... object as a means to understand the whole structure or part of it;  5. Restoration proposal and basic project for re-use of ancient buildings.    Workshop management  - Dr. ...
Domenica 18 Maggio 2014
INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL 2014 Lanciano 20 - 30.07.2014 SIGNS OF AGE Reading and graphic interpretation of ancient civil palaces  ...
Lunedì 14 Luglio 2014
4. International Summer School 2016
MusAA International Summer School Ancient and Contemporary. Rethinking the Navelli Archelogical Park Mura Rotte Abruzzo, July 2-31, 2016 In partnership with Università degli studi di L'Aquila DOWNLOAD ...
Venerdì 10 Giugno 2016